Updates from the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Program at UVA Children’s Hospital:

  • About 50 to 60 patients are diagnosed with cancer at UVA each year, with 3 to 5 of the cases being Neuroblastoma.
  • Fifteen children are seen in the clinic per day.
  • A new Bone Marrow Transplant Program will launch this year. By the end of next year, trials for a new treatment for neuroblastoma will begin.
  • William Peterson is working with a soy compound, genistein, which lessens the side effects of chemotherapy. This allows patients to receive their treatments on schedule because they are not as ill from the chemotherapy.

What sets UVA Children’s Hospital pediatric cancer program apart?

Many hospitals require patients to meet certain criteria to be treated, but UVA accepts all patients. For example, one patient flew from overseas for treatment in the U.S., only to be denied at one hospital. The patient was admitted to UVA Children’s Hospital for treatment and is now living a cancer-free, healthy life here in the U.S.