Alere Informatics is a close knit co-worker family that supports all of their employees no matter what they are going through. They have helped several employees who have been impacted by cancer. Upon learning that one of their own’ children, Morgan, had been diagnosed, they made sure to provide her with whatever she needed. The Alere employees attended any fundraiser they could to support Morgan’s family. This year they will be running in the Splash for a Cure 5K, wearing a specially designed t-shirt with Morgan’s favorite my little pony, Rainbow dash, and the words “Team Morgan.”


IGF has been supporting Morgan’s family for the past year. Unfortunately, her Neuroblastoma has come back. Luckily, with the new trial treatment that IGF helped fund has shown promising results. She has finished infusions and continues to go back for scans to monitor her progress.

Alere Informatics sells RALS data management software to hospitals and doctors’ offices, UVA and Martha Jefferson are already customers.

James Yancey, his brother Jack, father John, and sister-in-law Natalie all work at Alere Informatics and everyone is praying for Morgan. They are so excited to show their support for Morgan at Splash.

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