In honor of children’s cancer awareness month, we will be sharing the cancer journey’s of our little heroes. Please share their stories to help us raise awareness!

“Sharing the “shorten” version of our journey..

Raygan (RayRay) was 21 months old when she diagnosed with high risk NEUROBLASTOMA stage IV, poor histology, N-MYCN NON AMPLIFIED..
On May 20, 2013 she was admitted to our local children’s hospital for a weeks worth of scans, blo
od work, urine cultures and a central line put in her chest, biopsy of tumor in tummy and double bone marrow biopsies..
On June 7, 2013 she was admitted for her 1st rounds of 3 separate CHEMOS..

By June 24, her long blond curls were replaced by a slick smooth bald head..

She had chemo every 21 days for 6 cycles..

In August she celebrated her 2 birthday admitted to PICU getting her stem cell harvest at MCV in Richmond, Va..

In sept 2013 she got an NG tube to try to maintain some weight for transplant..


October 2013 brought the surgery to remove the “monster” that had invaded her tummy..

November was her last round of the standard COG protocol before her stem cell transplant.

Dec 10, 2013 she was admitted to MCV hospital and had high dose chemo for 5 days and her new CANCER FREE MARROW, stem cell transplant was on Dec. 17.. She spent 28 days total in MCV hospital on the adult bone marrow unit floor..

Jan 2014 wewere finally released to come home to continue her next course of treatment..

At 2.5 years old she had to be sedated everyday for 20 days to have her tummy, both sides of her spine and areas inside her pelvis radiated..

In March 2014 we were excited to learn that our baby girl had beat cancer and her scans we showing NED, no evidence of disease..

April 2014 she started on the last leg of the journey and was the 1st child to have immunotherapy (antibody therapy) at our local children’s hospital.. She had 5 intense rounds of ch14.18, IL2 and a combo round of both drugs for 6 months..

Oct 5, 2014 was her last day of treatment and her end of treatment scans continued with NED..

Oct 31, 2014 she had her central line removed..

Today she is 6 years old and living life to the fullest..She started 1St grade and she is proud to say “I beat CANCER”..


To this day, she is one of our many local hometown HEROs, nicknamed the RAY of Sunshine..

We are BLESSED by GOD and some amazing prayer warriors..” ~ Donna Abshire- Ray Ray’s grandmother