Children’s cancer knows no boundaries and everyone’s journey is different. No matter the outcome, lives are forever changed with a cancer diagnosis of a child. They face the constant fear of relapses and life altering side effects from treatments.  Moms and dads have to explain to a pleading 7 year old that he is going to die, while just hoping for a treatment to extend their time together. Not even a cure, but just more time. Parents have to help brothers and sisters cope with the loss of a sibling all while trying to cope with the loss themselves.

Life moves forward but the impact cancer leaves on the lives of families is greater than anyone who hasn’t experienced it first hand can imagine. This piece from the New York Times gives a glimpse into what they face after cancer. Take a view minutes to read and listen in their own words about life after cancer for 5 families:

As one survivor explains a good support system is one of the best things you can have…and that is EXACTLY why IGF is here. We are here to be the support families need and create as many happy moments as we can. Families facing children’s cancer never know what tomorrow will bring, so we will make today their best day. And you can too, Donate today!