It’s that time of year again! With Thanksgiving over with, that means Christmas is just around the corner. We are as busy as the elves at the north pole filling wish lists for 30 children who have been effected by childhood cancer. These kids include the siblings of our fighters because after all, they are fighters too. We started this program with a soft opening last year and are pulling out all the stops this year to help our families in need.

We are not only fulfilling their holiday wishes, relieving parents of a huge financial burden, but also throwing an exclusive Holiday Party for our families.  The purpose of our Holiday Cheer Party is to provide a safe, comforting environment where they can enjoy the holidays and be among other families who really understand what they are going through.  This year, we are sponsoring twelve families with a total of 30 children.

Our goal with the Holiday Cheer Party this year is to raise $10,000 in order to supply these kids with toys from their wish list for Christmas. We are asking for donations of $200 in order to sponsor one child for Christmas. This money will go towards buying gifts from their wish list that their families can open together during the holidays. The rest of the proceeds will be spent on putting together our holiday party for the families of children with cancer. We would love to also give each household a $100 grocery gift card to help pay for their Christmas dinner. Any size donation is appreciated and will help bring some extra special holiday to some very deserving kids. If you would like to donate, you can visit our Holiday Cheer Party fundraising page which can be found by clicking on this link