This is one of our fighters, Savannah.

She is being sponsored through our Holiday Cheer program this year! Some of her top interests this holiday seasons include arts and music.

Savannah is currently 11 and was diagnosed with a Rhabdyoid tumor in January of 2014. Her scans have been clean, but a new spot on her liver was just found during her last appointment. She will return for further scans in the Spring so they can keep an eye on it.

Savannah recently won an art contest for her work and will be moving onto regionals! You can see her showing off her prizes above!

She is taken care of by her grandmother, Beverly, who just recently had to have a spot on her liver removed as well. This is just an added layer of hardship for this family while they battle with childhood cancer. We are also sponsoring her sister, Lexi, who is 15.

Our Holiday Cheer program aims to lift to financial burden during the holiday season so families like Knights can enjoy them again.

Please donate to help fighters like Savannah and her family enjoy the holidays!

  We are also in need of volunteers for our Holiday Cheer party! Please sign up to help load gifts up for our fighters on Saturday, December 16th.