A family of five recently had one of their children diagnosed with cancer.

That is one of the most heart breaking things a parent can hear. Although this family should be focused on helping their child heal, they are instead riddled with financial problems. The rented home that they currently live in is not suitable for anyone, let alone a child with cancer.

The hot water heater hasn’t worked in two years so they heat water on the stove for baths. There is only working electricity in half of the house. Worst of all, there is mold inside the house. Their child was not able to return home after treatment due to their living conditions.

The parents have looked into low income housing, but there are many barriers to being approved with HUD. They may have found a landlord in the area who is willing to work with them on a rental.

Their social worker has tried talking to their insurance company to pay for temporary housing, but they have refused. Ronald McDonald house is unfortunately not an option for this family because they technically live less than 30 minutes from Charlottesville.

The social worker was able to arrange for the patient and one parent to stay in a local, long term hotel. It has a small kitchenette and a living area. The parents switch places on the weekends since the father can’t miss work and needs to take the other two children to elementary school. The two other kids get to visit with their mother on the weekends when they switch off.

This family was able to stay in this hotel free of charge to them from the generosity of YOUR donations to our foundation.

We would not have been able to directly pay their bill without your support. Their story is another example of how we can improve these families’ quality of life during and after treatment.