This is one of our fighters, Anthony.

He was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis 6 days after being born. It has been a long journey, but he will be 3 this month.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, he had a procedure to have a feeding tube placed. They live in Roanoke, VA which is a long drive from the UVA hospital.

With the financial stresses of the procedure, his family could not even afford a Christmas tree.

He has three siblings, Haley who is 13, Stephen who is 11, and Lanie who is 7. With the help of the Holiday Cheer program, we were able to supply all four children with gifts from their wish lists!

Without our assistance, Anthony and his family would not have had a Christmas this year.

You can help lessen the financial stresses that come with having a child with cancer by donating today for upcoming events in 2018!