There are almost 170,000 children who visit the UVA hospital each year for treatment.

Many of these children come from the surrounding areas due to a lack of facilities and specialists in their local hospitals.

So where do they all stay?

More than 11% of UVA families live over 2 hours away and need to travel back and forth for treatments, appointments, and check-ups.

Families could spend months in the hospital with no where close to stay and be left sleeping on the couches in the lounge.

Until recently, there were only four housing areas, which isn’t sufficient for the number of patients being cared for at one time.

This inspired JoAnne and Jeff McTague to create the Yellow Door Foundation.

They work with sponsors to provide fully furnished apartments to families at Stone Creek Apartments just down the road from UVA.

We have been meeting with the Yellow Door Foundation and hope to partner with them in order to help any children’s cancer families they may have.

You can learn more about their mission below