This is one of our fighters, Raegan.

She is almost 16 and was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) at the start of January.

She is pictured above with her mother in their temporary apartment provided to them here in Charlottesville by the Yellow Door Foundation during her treatment. The rest of their family still lives in Staunton. They will be able to be reunited once they find a new permanent place to rent.

Also above is the contents of her care package we delivered to her this month with some of her favorite snacks and horror movies!

She has two siblings, Jerimy, who is 7 and Opal, who is 5.

Raegan will be receiving chemotherapy this Friday is this phase of consolidation in her treatment.

You can help Reagan and other fighters like her receive more care packages and care to improve their quality of life by donating or signing up to volunteer!