This is one of our fighters, Skylarr.

She is one and a half years old and was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL) one January 10th, 2018.

She has two siblings, Taliaysha who is 7, and ZaAsia who is 5. Skylarr’s mother Shawntaia has has custody of her two cousins, Carlos who is 7, and Mercedes who is 8.

This living situation was supposed to be temporary, but it turned into a long-term solution.

Skylarr is doing much better than she was when she was diagnosed, but there are still concerns. She had a rare condition that caused her liver to be inflamed and her eyes to turn yellow. As she recovers from that, she receives chemotherapy every Friday. She is also getting over having yeast in her blood and is being treated for it with anti-fungi medication through her IV.

She loves her blankets and won’t go to sleep without one. She also loves any toys that light up and sing! We recently delivered a care package to her at the hospital, but you can ensure more support to Skylarr and her family by making a donation today!