This is one of our fighters, Avery.

She is 7 years old with her birthday coming up on the 7th! She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma on August 8th, 2013 which is the same kind of cancer Ishan had.

Her treatment thus far has been extensive, and shows the terrible, long-term effects associated with current treatment plans for pediatric cancer.

The long-term side effects thus far from her cancer treatments are: organ damage, infertility, stunted growth, spinal wedging, breakdown of her teeth (chemotherapy eats right through the enamel leaving your teeth gray and black), and permanent hearing loss.

Avery must now we are hearing aids in both ears that she gripes wearing every day.  

She has permanent kidney damage. One shrunk to 30% and the other one is 85% . They believe that to smaller one will continue to shrink and will result in removal in the future. 

Her mother told us that one of the hardest parts of this treatment is that Avery tells her “Mommy, one day when I have a baby in my belly and I have a baby, I’m going to love her and be a good mommy like you.”

We recently delivered her a care package with a few of her favorite things inside! She loves sushi, so we made sure to give her a sushi kit. We also included some model magic, which is one of her favorite craft toys! Despite all she has gone through, Avery is an amazing loving and giving child.  If she saw, or heard another child upset or crying, she would say to her mother, “Mommy can we please give them one of my toys or stickers to make them happier.”

You can help fighters like Avery by donating to IGF, so we can continue to spread joy through care packages like these and improve their quality of life.