This morning we received an email from one of our families who was traveling to the UVA battle building from Lynchburg for an appointment. On their way, her daughter was getting hungry so her mom reached out to ask if we had any food gift cards so they didn’t have to wait until they made it back home, which could be anywhere from 4-6 hours, to eat.

So we came to the rescue…well actually YOU came to the rescue because none of this is possible without your support!

We not only provided a gift card to her daughter’s requested place, McDonalds, but also a grocery gift card, some special chocolates for mom, and a couple of special toys and crafts for our little fighter and her brother. Upon hearing that they are living on a very limited income, without a car, unable to work, and have been on the “college diet” (meaning noodles and meat) as she said for a few weeks, we will also be sending her another gift card for groceries. The mom fought back tears and even her daughters eyes lit up to hear that they could actually go and buy groceries this week other than “noodles and meat”. She said it’s just so hard to ask for help sometimes.

Many of our families sometimes don’t like to ask for help, so we make it easy for them. We read between the lines to go above and beyond to provide our families the help they need when they need it, whether it’s gift cards, a special surprise to make their day better, or a simple call to say “we are thinking of you and here when you need anything”.

You can be the hope and strength they need!