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Extra Mile Program

Regular check-ins with families for updates (even after treatment)

Celebrating milestones and comforting during the rough times

Financial Assistance For Medical and Non-Medical Costs

The basics- Rent, utilities, groceries,

Transportation- Car repairs, car payments, gas

Medical- Bills associated with diagnosis and treatment, over the counter medications, nutritional supplements, second opinion expenses

Stays away from home- Meals, lodging, toiletries and other essentials, entertainment

Adventures with Ishan Gala Foundation

Social events and outings

Fun, unique experiences

Chance to strengthen and expand support network by making connections with other families who are going through the same thing


Holiday Cheer Program

Adopt families’ entire Christmas for all children in household

Gifts for parents as well such as grocery gift cards to buy holiday dinner

Exclusive holiday party with crafts, refreshments, and a visit from Santa!